Tips For Choosing The Right Corner Sit Stand Desk

Much research has been carried out in recent years into the health conditions which can worsen as a result of sitting too much every day. In fact, experts now believe that a sedentary lifestyle is as bad for our health as smoking. The average adult sits for at least 8 hours…

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Home Working

How To Create The Perfect Home Working Environment

Working from home certainly isn’t a new phenomenon, but the pandemic made it a requirement that has been hard to give up since lockdowns ended. An increasing number of employers have realised that they can scale down their large office premises and enable staff to work from…

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Office Working

Height Adjustable Desks In The Workplace

In recent years, sit stand desks have become increasingly popular in the workplace. These desks allow users to easily adjust the height of their workspace, enabling them to work comfortably in both sitting and standing positions….

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The Health Benefits of Using a Sit-Stand Desk

Sit-stand desks have become a popular addition to offices around the world, from your own home office to commercial properties and shared office spaces. But they are so much more than just a trend – there are many benefits of standing desk furniture, for your physical and mental health.

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