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HADO offers a wide range of office chairs with sliding seats, adjustable tension and lumbar control, you’ll be able to find the perfect position for your office desk seating.

To get started on improving your posture, simply browse our collection of height adjustable chairs. For assistance with placing an order, or any queries you may have please do get in touch.

Why Height Adjustable Chairs Are Essential

The way you sit at an office desk can permanently affect your posture and bone structure, which is why Chiropractors recommend choosing an adjustable desk chair.

The angle of your hip is dependent on the height of your seat, which consequently changes the curve of your spine. 

When you are seated in an optimal position, the quadricep and hamstring muscles help to support your frame which eliminates the potential for back pain.

Keeping this frame in the correct position is only possible when you use an adjustable desk chair which is customised to settings which are appropriate for your frame.

The Health Benefits of Using Adjustable Office Chairs

Alongside the benefits to your spine and posture, there are other advantages to using a height adjustable office chair. 

Ergonomic furniture reduces the opportunity for muscle fatigue to set in, preventing long-term numbness and encouraging blood circulation.

Choosing The Right Height For Your Adjustable Office Chair

Are you worried that your adjustable desk chair is too high or too low? It can be difficult to find the precise position which offers maximum health benefits as you work.

Too High

 If you work with a keyboard, then you’ll need to be able to reach it without straining. 

Additionally, your feet should make contact with the floor whilst you’re seated, to prevent you creeping forward. If your feet are dangling, then your chair is too high and this can leave your back in an unsupported position, putting you at risk for musculoskeletal disorders.

Too Low

  At the other end of the spectrum, if your adjustable office chair is set too low, then your knees will be aligned higher than your hips which often results in lower back pain.

Purchasing adjustable office chairs is a simple and convenient step to take in order to find the perfect height seat for your working environment. Most importantly, you’ll find height adjustable chairs to be an essential investment for your long-term health.

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